Monday, March 10, 2014

Ruining Wonder- coming soon

This future-past monument is an ambiguous architectural structure inspired by ancient temples, hanging gardens, parade floats, altars and wedding cakes. Constructed from molded styrofoam appliance packaging, the surfaces are transformed to resemble human flesh using a palette of cosmetics which simulate bruising and blushing. The form is repeatedly punctured with quills of cocktail party souveneirs and luncheon sandwich skewers. It is crawling with sporadic clusters of barnacles made of confections' wrappers lined with bobbles and beads.

 I find myself getting snagged by the underpinnings of artifice, sameness, disposability and excess within these objects that are (mass) produced for the purpose of subtly enhancing our experience. I see these store-bought frills accessories as signifiers remarking on not only the anxiety of the purchaser, but possibly also the trauma of the unknown factory worker.  I'm playing with taking these articles out of context and incorporating them as a texture. I see them as a fungus, an infection, as much as a senseless decoration.

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