Monday, October 25, 2010


this is the beginning of a "set"/installation that i am making for a piece my friend rebecca rabideau has choreographed. a tangled harvest of forms that are simultaneously animal (internally and externally referenced)and vegetable (being fall, i'm thinking of heartier varieties of root veggies and perhaps an appearance by an artichoke?)


collaborate collages with dangreenwood.


i keep going back to this embroidery scratching post thinking someday it will be "done". i like the back side as much as the front side. i like seeing through it and getting the texture of the hair and stitches as much as i like the shimmer of the nail polish spots on the peacock -like pattern (which is ..of course..not all that visible when back-lit).

stitching on silk, crocheted hair, nail-clippings,unraveled scarf, cut-up crocheted gloves, white pencil, beads, wood stain, nail polish..