Wednesday, October 24, 2012


After my show at ECA in July, I was contacted by someone looking to relieve themselves of their too much styrofoam- could i oblige?
but of course..

I didn't anticipate how monumental this pile might be..

 I wanted to build something celebratory, emblematic of some rite of passage..I have been processing images of parade floats, wedding cakes and funerary caskets. They're practically overlapped in my mind- like the transparencies in science books featuring our bodies systems...

The finished piece, titled "Progression" can be seen at Parson's Hall Project Space . The show, "Body Radio" will be open for viewing once again November 3rd from 12-6pm.
Other materials include: maybelline liquid foundation (usually i go with cover girl, but i really wanted to try something new here), facial tissue, absorbent pads, red felt, foil cupcake liners, a cut-up party dress, plastic packaging, pvc pipe.
*******will write more about this and other projects, but am not feeling terribly verbose at this moment.