Saturday, March 5, 2011

i'm more interested in the verb.

because (sigh )it's what's inside that matters

something new.

infiltration of the nest.


you should find a nice girl to settle down with.

i feel like my work is imitating a therapy session. not in the confessional,lay my shame and
trauma at the foot of some overstuffed alter sort of way- but in the way that i've finally admitted to myself that i have issues. and i need to resolve them. so, i've undertaken the task of looking at my work as an outsider..taking in the big picture from all angles and trying to assess the situation. i'm trying to be a better parent so that my sculptures won't rise up and forever fault me for their nagging feelings of inferiority, body dismporphia or general contempt.

this piece is lined with the sequined chainmail that once was my prom dress. the table now sports a hoop-skirt (belonging to my mom's sister) and my mother's powder blue homecoming dress. now, this wasn't a conceptual decision..but a pretty fantastic coincidence

in with the worms!(and beetles! both made from undergarments)