Monday, March 18, 2013

Progress Report: Wistariahurst

I decided that for my piece at Wistariahurst, I would once again cannibalize, update, or reconfigure some existing pieces from my repertoire- hoping that I finally get them right and that they will leave me be..let me move on. I want to the presence of the untouchable in the room to be undeniable. Instead of concentrating on being a period purist, I instead want to deal with issues that permeate the time gap. I've decided to go for technicolor, contemporary materials which are dispersed and arranged throughout the space in such a way that their placement within the room may be jarring, like seeing through to another dimension. 

I've been wondering whether or not I'm a surrealist? Ah..if only it were as simple as trusting in my dreams. 

Over the past couple of days working in my studio, I feel like I've hit my stride. Plowed through the agony-wall and dove head-long into some sort of visual-language building. Decision making minus all of the hesitation. Probably having a deadline real means there is no time for all of this second guessing- what does your gut tell you? double check it with your heart, then your brain..everybody in? Good. NEXT. go. 

colorful ric-rac edged ruffles

flower arrangement

new apron with swan riding heart

second flower arrangement

Angela Zammarelli gave me a box of 1000 red plastc swords- base of  effigy pillar

mop head with chandelier beads (from Carolyn Clayton) underneath skirt

Sunday, March 17, 2013

taking up space

surprising new configuration of dismantled piece. now stacked to the ceiling atop my dresser....