Thursday, August 20, 2009

suckle (in progress)

started out as the original ball of udders. grew tentacles and a mouth that would snatch at and devour what biology intended for baby. its mouth filled up with too many tongues. then its milk dried up.

starving and dumb, it would need to grow a brain where its fat belly once was. now it can finally appreciate the allure of the feminine mystique. it will now teach itself the art of seduction and manipulation. soon the food will come to it. it will always have room for dessert.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

a suitable past-time

engaging with my inner Victorian forensic recluse hobbyist; using old doilies made from hair I had once grown and shed, fingernails I had clipped, necklaces I had ingratefully yanked, silken scarves shredded,..a pair of my deceased grandmother's gloves my mother had mysteriously mailed to me, that spring-form pan that never spurred the passion for cheesecake makery i thought it might.. nailpolish, shoe-polish..woodstain. distain. sea salt.