Sunday, June 23, 2013

Parson's Hall

Beginning June1, we moved into our studio at Parson's Hall.
studio share with the vaccum,Dan Greenwood and Frank-the-cat.

Starting to get back into it. Putting shelving and comfortable chairs on hold for now....

On my "desk" are photocopies of letters handwritten by soldiers containing detailed observation of action on the battlefield and 2 long and narrow pieces of styrofoam that remind me of the ghost formation of a southwest strip mall when placed in tandem.
I'm starting to cleave things that i find myself becoming too precious over.

I went to Historic Northampton last week to check out their database. I also perused a binder full of trade cards. My favorite may be the giant(?), tiny (?) cherub riding the giant (?), tiny (?) worm as a silk advertisement.