Thursday, September 26, 2013

carnal-muppet-pile/ soft-sculpture gone-awry

I'm creating a second "piling" of what I'm now considering raw material. 
Using parts and pieces of what have been/ could still be workable sculpture units to rearrange 
a new tangle of textures and associations to materials, color and condition.

There's something unsettlingly satisfying about "destroying" my own labor. I haven't unleashed my full
hurricane on it yet, still a bit timid about ripping my own stitches...but trying to get to a place where I can have the confidence to know that these actions are more about elevation than masochism.

(this shot's all about the feather)

 The abstraction seems to hold more power for me now than any literal narrative that might 
have previously overshadowed any threshold to individual interpretive image tripping.

and it's one way to get over being so darn "precious"...

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

unnatural dissaster

In the studio ...
and otherwise turning much-labored over sculptures into a curated pile of debris.

i'm building a "backdrop"/ environment for some 2-D digital format work I will be doing in a collaboration with Torsten Zenas Burns who has shot video using parts of a installation I composed titled , "Procession" last year.

ironing board with cut-up uniform

seeds, sponges, ruffles

It'll be just like a Katie Perry video, only nothing like that at all.

Monday, September 16, 2013

over it.

it was cathartic.
but the thought of continuing to work in this vein makes me crawl in my flesh. there's a fine line that this investigation rubs up against. Dangerously close to being confessional. As close as I care to come without wallowing.

It's time to switch gears. Got some projects in the works and others in my brain.

For now, here's some documentation from "Legacy Strike" (up at Historic Northampton through October 3, 2013)
mourning portrait- embroidery on silk : collection of Historic Northampton

 In  "Repeat" I have altered a chair which came to be mine after the death of my grandmother.  The title refers simultaneously to the human tendency for repeating mistakes (personally and en mass historically) and to the term "repeat" in a printed fabric (the frequency at which a motif will repeat itself down the textile). These predictable patterns have been thwarted; dissected and rearranged. The result is an object that appears to be both wounded and furtive. 

inside of the curtain