Saturday, July 31, 2010

you don't listen. ever.

this is what has become of (some of) the remnants of my stint in plastic bag crocheting.

the embroidery is of a diagram of the inner ear. i was hoping the plastic i stitched it into would resemble skin a bit more than it does.

potato update. (i'll have another shirley temple)

she's a nice gal. we get along swell. unraveled twine (unraveled, only to be coiled..), stuffing, stockings, copper wire. embroidery. pot-holder. festive bow.

it lives!!

don't just burn your bra.

a retired brassiere. fabric scraps. beads. stockings. giant mushroom. those things that go on the end of christmas tree ornaments..

another shot bra. felt scraps. unraveled fabric. pieces of the bag that the telephone book came in.

Saturday, July 24, 2010


instead of doing my "between jobs" victory lap/rain dance, i'm indoors with the AC and a sudafed buzz going. i found these things in my studio and i'm guessing i made them seeing as there are no wires attached.
look here- i added some seashells (from the seashore)

and here: it's a mossy stick. with stuff. like plastic. and beads. and an albino-pickle appendage.

and this thing. it sits on a giant mushroom. well, sits on a pot-holder which is on top of a giant mushroom.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

a curious thing

a bouquet:
yam. dried fish skins. plastic fork wrappers. victoria's secret catalogue. plastic six-pack can-holster.

potatoes dressed up in crocheted plastic (notice the fashion colors) sprout eyes.